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Giddy Up and Go Exploring

Horseback Riding near Our Bozeman Hotel

Horsing around with a view of Bozeman

It’s one thing to drive through nature, another to hike through it, and a completely different experience on horseback. There’s nothing like the power of a 1,000-pound animal beneath you, or the sense of freedom once you grace the saddle. And if this exhilaration isn’t enough, there’s Montana’s unmatched scenery surrounding you. That’s a pretty powerful combination, and we hope you’ll try it for yourself with one of our favorite horseback outfitters below.

Horseback Riding near Kimpton Armory Hotel

Bear Paw Outfitters

Fourth-, fifth- and sixth-generation Montanans offer horseback rides into the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness from their ranch in Deep Creek. Ride their “tried and true” horses accompanied by an experienced wrangler.

(406) 222-6642

Map and Directions

Montana Whitewater

Explore the wilderness of Cinnabar Basin in Paradise Valley atop one of Montana Whitewater’s gentle, happy horses. For a complete Montana experience, combine riding with rafting or ziplining.

(406) 763-4465

Map and Directions

Sunrise Pack Station

With rides leaving from various trailheads in the northwest corner of Yellowstone National Park, you can return year after year to explore new trails. Fishing day rides are also available for the anglers in your group.

(406) 579-9642

Map and Directions

Canyon Adventures

Discover the beauty of Gallatin Canyon on your choice of trail lengths. Cross rivers and climb hills, or skirt the edges if you just want a little taste of the mountains.

(406) 995-4450

Map and Directions

Jake’s Horses

Ride a trail or try an overnight pack trip (complete with tent camping) in Yellowstone National Park or the Lee Metcalf Wilderness Area. Both treat you to pristine streams, leafy forests and mountain meadows year-round.

(800) 352-5956

Map and Directions